Trophy Hunting Buffalo in South Africa

From USD 11 500

per hunter

Trophies included:1 x Cape Buffalo Bull (no size restrictions) on 3500 acre Property
Number of packages available:3 only
Area:Hoedspruit, Limpopo, South Africa
Duration:7 Days, 6 nights (5 hunting days)
Transfer from:Eastgate Airport, Hoedspruit, Limpopo
Transfer to:Eastgate Airport, Hoedspruit, Limpopo
Included number of hunters:1
Optional extras:

Additional observers (non-hunters) @ $250 per day

Additional trophy animals as per pricelist

Additional hunting days @325 per hunter per day

Local attractions and activities

Package includes for included number of hunters:

  • 4 Nights accommodation 
  • All meals at lodge
  • Water, soft drinks and moderate allowance of local wine and beer
  • Daily laundry services
  • Transfer from and back to Eastgate Airport, Hoedspruit, Limpopo
  • Hunting vehicle and 1 x Licenced Professional Hunter
  • All daily fees
  • On-site preparation and care of trophies
  • Transport of trophies to Taxidermist
  • WIFI in camp

Package excludes:

  • Air fare
  • Hunting licences and permits
  • Non-hunting observer fees
  • Taxidermy cost
  • Gratuities
  • Accommodation before and after safari dates
  • Any restaurant meals off hunting concession
  • Any additional trophy animal costs

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The mighty Cape Buffalo promises to be one of the most dangerous and exhilarating hunts you will ever experience.

Name: Cape Buffalo

Scientific Name: Syncerus caffer

Weight: 800Kg (M) 750Kg (F)

Shoulder Height: 140cm (M) 132cm (F)

Mating Season: April and May

Hunting Season: No Seasonal Restrictions

Hunting Success Rate: 60 – 90%

Buffalo Hunting South Africa

Buffalo hunting in South Africa is in a league of its own.

Considered by most professional hunters to be the ultimate trophy, the buffalo initially appears docile when going about its business in the herd, but once this animal is agitated or worse, wounded, it turns into a vengeful beast that is aggressive, smart in its cunning ways, and guaranteed to put up a fight you will never forget.  

Buffalo hunting takes place all over South Africa, from the green fields of the Eastern Cape to the grasslands of Limpopo, with buffalo hunting in Limpopo being the preferred hunting experience. Buffalo move about in herds and grow to a truly astounding size, which for the successful hunter means a large trophy. Buffalo are easy to spot not just because they are so large, but also because they are grazers who spend much of their days feeding and seeking water. When not threatened, they will spend their time moving slowly through the bushveld and to protect themselves at night, the animals group together in a herd and any animal or person who has the audacity to threaten their young can expect a savage retaliation.

Unlike other grazing animals, both the male and the female buffalo have horns, although the horns of the males are more impressive and as such are more sought after by hunters. The males are characterised by what is called a boss. This is a solid piece of horn that sits in the middle of the buffalo’s forehead. The bigger the boss, the more impressive the trophy.

When hunting buffalo in South Africa, the hunter needs to be skilled and precise with the placement of their shot. Given the animal’s aggressive nature when injured, there is no room for error. An injured buffalo can become vindictively lethal, which is why the animal has been given the nicknames “widow maker” and “black death”, as the rush of adrenaline causes the injured buffalo to become a lot more difficult to take down.

Buffalo Hunting Weaponry

It is not enough to ensure a precise, well-placed shot; the hunter also needs to be equipped with the correct rifle. Most hunters will opt for a .375 calibre rifle which when paired with a soft-point bullet, will stop the bullet from causing extreme amounts of damage that might ruin the trophy or injure other animals in the herd, but still be enough for a successful kill. If the initial shot doesn’t take the animal down, then a more solid shot using a 40-calibre can be used as a follow up shot.

When buffalo hunting in South Africa, a .375 calibre is the very minimum required for legal hunting and most professional hunters will recommend a 375H/H calibre.

Buffalo Shot Placement

The first shot when buffalo hunting in South Africa is the one that counts the most. As we’ve mentioned, if you make this animal angry, you are not going to have the most pleasant hunting experience.

Hunters are advised to aim for the heart and the lungs of the buffalo, and not necessarily to aim for the neck. Not only is the buffalo’s neck incredibly thick, but when aiming for the neck you always run the risk of aiming too high and ruining the trophy. Aiming for the organs will give you a clean kill.

Why Choose African Hunts & Safaris as your South African Buffalo Hunting Outfitter

With experienced professional hunters to guide your trip and a team with great knowledge of the area to plan every aspect of your buffalo hunting package, you can look forward to an incredible hunt. Not only will your hunt leave you with the trophy you have come for, but it will also give you the unique opportunity to experience the warmth, friendliness and kind hospitality of South Africa’s rustic game reserves.

At African Hunts and Safaris, we pride ourselves on going above and beyond for our guests. When you book your hunting trip with us, you can expect to form the sorts of bonds that will become lifelong friendships, making us your preferred outfitter when you return for your next hunting trip.

Our passion for the African bush drives us to ensure that our guests get to enjoy the full African experience. We have a great respect for the land, for the wildlife and for this beautiful country that we get to call home. When you hunt with us, you can expect an ethical and respectful hunt. We are also greatly committed to various conservation causes and we will only ever hunt in an area where the wildlife is able to run freely, ensuring that the hunt is fair to the animal and the hunter.

Our exceptional buffalo hunting packages in South Africa are available at good prices and all of our trophies are of the highest quality. We also use the best local accommodation, and in doing so, our guests get to play an important role in promoting and supporting the local economy.

Along with offering a standard range of buffalo hunting packages, we also offer tailored experiences to those who are looking for a more personalised hunting holiday.

We also offer a range of other trophy animals, contact us today for a full species list and availability.