African Hunting Safari Packages

Standard Packages

Male Lion and Crocodile

The Lowveld region of South Africa has earned the reputation of being the best in the world for hunting dangerous game.

USD 23 000

Female Lion and Crocodile

Hunting lions and crocodiles is a thrilling and challenging experience that requires skill, patience, and a good deal of courage. 

USD 11 500

Big Boy Exclusive

Animals roam freely between reserves and make this area a pristine hunting destinations for dangerous game in Africa.

USD 15 850

Cape Buffalo in Limpopo

Hunting Cape Buffalo is an exhilarating and challenging experience that is sure to be a lifetime highlight. 

USD 11 500

Tailored Limpopo hunting safaris are being picked out with great deliberation to ensure a high standard.

USD 4 500

The Northern Cape province’s Kalahari region is a semiarid habitat that is home to an astoundingly diverse array of animal species.

USD 2 900

So you have decided to come to South Africa on a hunting safari and are ready to choose your outfitter.
Well, you already consider going with African Hunts & Safaris; therefore, you are reading this.

To help you decide, let’s look at who we cater for, how and where we put together a hunting package for you, and what will happen once you arrive in South Africa.

For Whom Do We Cater?

African Hunts & Safaris caters for everybody.

We specialize in customized, family-orientated, or group-hunting safaris. We always offer activities to ensure that everybody has a fantastic time.

 Whether they hunt or not, all group members will have a blast during their visit to South Africa.

Whether you are a single hunter, a group of hunters, a family or a couple, we can offer a tailored hunting package for your needs.

Customizing Your Package

We will customize a package according to your wish list because we want you to tick off all trophy animals during your hunting safari with us.

We specialize in customized rifle or bow hunting packages tailored to the hunter’s or group’s needs. 

We also offer exclusive hunting packages, which you can upgrade with additional trophy animals.

What It Will Cost

We will base the cost of your customized packages on the detailed requirements you provide to us.

The hunting package rates will incorporate all costs associated with the hunt. Your host or dedicated PH will take care of you from the time of your arrival till departure.

These costs will include the daily fee per hunter, the services of the professional hunter, trackers, drivers and skinner. Other expenses your fee will cover include transfers from the closest airport, high-quality accommodation in hunting lodges, all meals at the lodge or camp, non-alcoholic drinks, and a moderate allowance for local wine and beer.

You will enjoy a daily laundry service at the lodge.  We will take care of your trophies and deliver them to taxidermy. Our standard package rates usually exclude your airline ticket, the rental of rifles, additional hunter or observer (non-hunter) fees, and your hunting licenses and permits. Taxidermy and the shipment of trophies costs will also be for your account. Ask us for information on recommended taxidermists in South Africa. 

Other expenses like gratuities, additional activities, and accommodation before and after the specified safari dates are also not covered in the cost of the package.

Additional Services Offered

Over and above the standard hunting costs included in your package, African Hunts & Safaris offers various additional services.

This “one-stop-shop” for your whole trip may include, but is not limited to, the following:

  • You can rent a rifle from us
  • We can arrange hunting licenses and permits for you
  • We can arrange your rifle clearance and safe storage
  • We can arrange visits to local attractions and activities in the vicinity of the hunting area 
  • We can help you book add-on tours in South Africa

We want you to get the most out of your trip to our beautiful country; therefore, we are ready to assist you with other arrangements or advice.

What Type of Hunting Accommodations Do You Provide?

The type of hunting accommodations we provide will differ depending on the area or concession. We hunt across many areas in various concessions with differently-styled lodges. 

Accommodation will always be comfortable and, at times, luxurious. You can expect to stay in chalets, tented accommodations, or en-suite rooms or suites. We will give you a detailed brochure of the hunting accommodation at the time of quotation.

A dedicated, friendly team fully services all the hunting lodges to meet all your needs.

Camp food makes us happy. We are passionate about South African cuisine, especially venison dishes. We will always ensure that your meals are of the highest quality.  During your stay, you will most probably enjoy some of the “proceeds of your hunt” as part of an exquisite meal. Keep an eye out for our favorite venison recipes on our blog.

What Are The Advantages Of Booking a Customized Hunting Package?

There are numerous advantages to booking a customized hunting package.

The most self-evident is the cost and value for money. Our listed trophy prices and daily rates are reduced in our packages because we still negotiate the best prices for all trophy animals. 

We take great care to construct packages of ideal duration and appropriate trophy combinations.

Novice hunters or hunters visiting the continent for the first time and are uncertain about when, where and what they would like to hunt will find this extremely helpful. 

The price you will pay once you have concluded your hunt will be the same as was initially advertised on the website and quoted to you.

When You Arrive in South Africa

Hunters must be aware of procedures related to traveling with rifles and ammunition.

Before traveling to South Africa, you must obtain a letter of invitation from us. 

We can give you a quote to arrange for the clearing and storing your rifles from the airport and the required licensing and permits for the hunt.

First-time travelers to South Africa can also ask us for tips about visiting the country and what they should bring to the hunt.

Ensure that your passport is valid for six months beyond the intended length of stay and that you can provide proof of firearms ownership.

When you arrive, you gather your checked bags and then proceed to the security office in the same area to receive your guns.

After signing for them, security personnel take them to the SAPS office. Have your gun case luggage tag ready, exit the baggage claim area and proceed to Customs and SAPS.

Selecting The Area For Your Hunt

The trophy animals you would like to hunt will determine the area where you will go. South Africa offers many landscapes and vegetation for hunting, so it’s always easier to book a package where you can hunt all the trophy animals at one destination. 

On the other hand, adding additional trophy animals only available at different destinations may ensure a richer and more diverse hunting experience. We will provide you with crucial information about the areas in which we hunt and what you can expect from that area.

Our standard hunting experiences include several areas. Still, if you make us aware of a wish to hunt in additional locations, we will be able to assist with the following:

  • Limpopo – This area is rich in wildlife, with a dramatic contrast of landscape and vegetation. It comprises bushveld savannah plains, semi-desert areas with small trees and bushes, and mountain ranges. The landscape range from mountainous to flat land. 
  • Mpumalanga – This area comprises a mix of highveld grasslands, mountains, escarpments and low-altitude subtropical bushveld. Hunting areas mainly consist of savanna habitats.
  • North West Province – The province is best known for big five and dangerous game hunting. It comprises a mix of bushveld, dry and sandy plains, but mostly Kalahari thornveld since it forms part of the southern tip of the Kalahari Desert.
  • Free State –  This predominantly agricultural landscape is known for buffalo and many plains game hunting species. It comprises mainly vast open plains with a mix of bushveld and plains of grass, shrubs, and scattered trees such as the acacia.
  • Northern Cape – This is a vast and desolate landscape with a mix of karoo, well known for scarce hunting species, and endless Kalahari savannah and grassland plains. This area is also well known for its salt pans, deep-red Kalahari dunes and acacia tree dry savanna.

Why Should You Choose African Hunts & Safaris as Your Outfitter?

Gerrie du Plessis and Nicus Janse van Rensburg, who own African Hunts & Safaris together, think of hunting as more of a passion than a sport or hobby.

As a licensed hunting guide, Nicus has helped many hunters get the trophy of their dreams while ensuring they have a great time.

He is a natural leader because he is honest, loyal, has integrity, and takes responsibility. He knows how to hunt with just the right amount of seriousness and confidence without letting go of the fun and excitement of a safari.

Nicus is also a skilled and experienced bow hunter who prioritizes safety and respect for nature and animals.

After owning businesses in the city for over 20 years, Gerrie moved from Gauteng to the small town of Hoedspruit in Limpopo because they love the African bush, its animals, birds, and plants.

Today, he looks back on a successful business career. He looks forward to entertaining and showing off his country and its treasures as a professional hunter.

Gerrie has hunted with several other outfitters. He has always done an excellent job for their clients and brought back high-quality trophies. He has known Nicus for many years. Since both like people, hunting, and being outside, they combined their skills to offer international hunters and their families unforgettable hunting safaris through African Hunts & Safaris.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Your hunting package is tailored to your needs and includes all safari-related expenses.

When we quote a price, we ensure that you have a clear idea of what costs are included so that you don’t encounter unexpected expenses during your hunting safari.

Yes, you can add additional animals to your packages.

You can add it in advance or if the opportunity arises during your hunting safari.

You will pay per your standard price list for these additional animals.

We want you to make the most of your trip; therefore, seize the day!

If an included trophy is not taken, you will pay for all trophy animals hunted. Also, we will charge you in full for all wounded animals.

However, our experienced Professional Hunters have an excellent track record of ensuring that the hunters get to hunt the animals they want, as far as nature allows.

Still, due to our commitment to fair game hunting practices, trophy animals may outwit the hunter on rare occasions.