Hunting Categories

Hunting Categories Supported by African Hunts & Safaris

As Africa’s most popular hunting destination, especially for first-time hunters, South Africa offers trophy hunting of several hunting categories.

The hunter can choose between plains game, dangerous game, or a diverse range of exotic species such as golden wildebeest, black impala, or copper springbuck.

Several antelope species count among the plains game available for a hunt, while dangerous species currently are restricted to lion and buffalo.

A recent court order prohibits the hunting of leopard, rhino and elephant in the country.

African Hunts & Safaris offers both the above hunting categories.

Plains game

Plains game hunting, when conducted in a way that is both ethical and sustainable, plays a crucial role in conservation.

If you choose a proper outfitter for your next hunting excursion, you may be able to contribute to conservation efforts.

The benefits of hunting with a professional outfitter, such as African Hunts & Safaris, include the promotion of kinship with wild animals and places, the reduction of symptoms associated with nature deficit disorder, and improving overall health.

Plains game hunting in South Africa with Gerrie and Nicus will bring a sensation of waking for both the body and the mind and a lifelong connection to animals and wild places. 

Plains game hunting with African Hunts & Safaris takes place in broad plains and savanna environments, like the Limpopo province of South Africa.

Southern Africa is home to more mammal species than any other region on the earth. The number of different species of antelope found in South Africa makes the region heaven for hunters. 

The majority of all plains game species can be hunted in South Africa. It is home to various plains game species, from the diminutive steenbok to the enormous eland.  When searching for a particular species of plains game, a hunter will find that each hunting area has its unique habitat, which presents its challenges.

Every hunting area offered by African Hunts & Safaris contains plains game, with some regions offering larger quantities than others. The size of a hunting party and the type of available lodging will determine the location of the hunt. Although the buffalo is classified as dangerous game or one of the “big 5,” African Hunts & Safaris includes it in their plains game packages regardless of its classification because so many of their customers want the opportunity to shoot one.

Get in touch with Gerrie or Nicus to discuss the customized South African hunting safari packages available for plains game.

Dangerous game or Big 5 Hunting

Dangerous game hunting in Africa is one of the world’s most incredible adventures. 

Hunting an animal that can turn the tables on you and turn you into the hunted is the ultimate thrill for those looking for the ultimate hunting challenge. A single erroneous shot can endanger the entire hunting party’s lives. Despite the danger, South Africa hosts hundreds of big game hunting safaris each year. Buffalo, hippo and crocodile are among the dangerous game included in African Hunts & Safaris’ dangerous game hunting opportunities. 

Your African hunting safari can provide lifelong memories, mainly if the quota includes dangerous games. As dangerous game experts, we will provide you with the highest quality animals.

Many hunters never return to plains game hunting after experiencing the challenge and thrill of dangerous game hunts in Africa.

Most people begin their big game hunting with a Cape buffalo hunt because it is typically the most affordable of the big game animals. African Hunts & Safaris’ dangerous game hunting is about more than just bagging one of the Big, but more about a journey of new treasures and adventure!

Our dangerous game safaris are thrilling and challenging hunts that provide a once-in-a-lifetime experience. We try to hunt only mature male animals in an ethical and fair chase. Before any hunt, we obtain the necessary CITES permits and follow the laws and regulations of the relevant countries.

Hunting anyone of the Big 5 is one of the most thrilling hunting experiences available. Confirming availability is always pre-required, and these are incredibly specialized hunts. On a South African hunting safari, you could typically hunt all of the Big 5 – Lion, Buffalo, Leopard, Rhino and Elephant. However, a recent court order prohibits hunting leopards, black rhinos, and elephants in the country. 

Our packages are tailor-made with the option of shooting lions in the North West, Northern Cape, and Free State provinces. All these hunts are approved and accredited by the South African Predator Association.

Hunting Methods Offered by African Hunts & Safaris

Traditional hunting methods offered by African Hunts & Safaris include rifle and bow hunting.

Through all traditional hunting types, we always ensure that our actions are courteous, considerate, capable, and careful—the four Cs of hunting. South Africa has unrivalled bow-hunting opportunities. Bow hunting is legal in South Africa, and hunters can use one of three bow types.

Bow and arrow hunting in Africa or South Africa is among the most challenging and rewarding. You should only attempt it if you have a genuine passion for the sport and want to get closer to the animal you are hunting. African Hunts & Safaris offers bow-hunting safaris for various game species.

In South Africa, a hunter can use four different types of bows, and they can be made from simple materials or with precision engineering to be highly accurate weapons. Recurved bows, crossbows, and compound bows are the three main types of hunting bows. When it comes to hunting, no bow is better than another, but each offers a unique experience. It is easier, thus also more popular, to hunt plains game with bow and arrow.